"Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up!"

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What is it?

Kneading, pounding and manipulation of your muscles, tendons and ligaments to release tension and improve circulation.


The increased blood flow brings oxygen to tissues and helps to disperse toxic waste products - relieving pain and promoting healing.


What is it ideal for?


  • Releasing tension
  • Relieving stress
  • Relieving cramp
  • General relaxation


... the treatment of various parts of the body by rubbing, kneading or stroking is one of the oldest therapies and contains a largely intuitive element. Holistic massage treats the individual as a whole, rather than just concentrating on physical conditions, hoping to create a sense of well-being which will put the client on the road to recovery.

It is now generally accepted that touch is more important than had previously been realised. For example, a parent's offer to 'rub it better' often helps to pacify a child in pain. Increasingly research is proving the effectiveness of touch - and touch is the very foundation of massage.

The world of sport has been an advocate of the benefits of massage for years: the rest are now finally catching up. It can be stimulating or soothing depending on the types of strokes used. It can relieve tensions and stresses,massage relax taut and aching muscles, ease headaches and even help with sleeping problems. It is not just solely for the treatment of physical disorders. In the frantic pace of 21st century living it can act as an invigorating tonic or be purely and simply just for pleasure.

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