"Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up!"

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Jacqui Taylor, the talent behind Outstanding Lives International, offers a variety of 2-hour interactive presentations and seminars, inspiring you to create the outstanding success that you and your business deserve.

Talks and seminars can be specifically tailored to suit both your business and personal relationship needs. Quotations can be provided on request.


Mastering Communication

This seminar will introduce your Management and Staff to the tools and techniques that are vital to the success and future of your business. It offers specialist skills for enabling successful communication and successful outcomes in the fields of business, sales and marketing, leading to positive shifts in your business environment.

Clear communication is vital in business, especially in today’s volatile environment. Understanding your clients and their needs is vital for the success and future of your business.

Jacqui Taylor, the inspiration behind Outstanding Lives International, and expert in NLP and the Psychology of Business, Finance, Coaching and Peak Performance Training, offers you the key to Mastering Communication for your future success.

Are you understood in business?

Are you speaking the same language as your clients?

Are you being misinterpreted?

Are you maximizing your sales potential?

Are you affected by the negative messages of the current economic climate?

How would it be if you could become proficient with ‘language patterns’ and learn a structured way of communicating and getting your message across effectively, in order to facilitate better business relationships, reduce misunderstandings, promote team building, enhance sales?

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Mind your Language

An adventure into the use of NLP language patterns to provide practical techniques for improving both personal and business relationships.

What if you knew how to guarantee a successful personal life? Ever wondered how to create lasting change for yourself and others? How much more effective and exciting could your future be?

This seminar will examine language patterns and the ways in which the brain codes and de-codes language. It will explore how language affects how we think and respond to our environment.

How much better would it be if you could make your communications more clearly understood?

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