"In today's world, physical pain has become the focus of our attention. Not only does pain debilitate us, but it also robs us of our hopes, dreams, energy, confidence and motivation. The good news is that physical pain, be it chronic or episodic, can be eradicated permanently. All a person needs is the knowledge of the true cause of pain and a personally directed plan to treat the cause."

Pete Egoscue

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Mastering Communication

Are you understood in business?
Are you speaking the same language as your clients?
Are you being misinterpreted?
Are you getting your message across effectively?
Are you successfully communicating your business needs?
Are you maximizing your sales potential?
Are you concerned about the success of your business?
Are you affected by the negative messages of the current economic climate?

How would it be if you could become proficient with ‘language patterns’ and learn a structured way of communicating and getting your message across effectively, in order to facilitate better business relationships, reduce misunderstandings, promote team building, enhance sales?

Do you see what I mean / do you hear what I mean?
Do you see what I’m saying / do you hear what I’m saying?
Listen to me carefully / you’re not hearing me
I don’t feel you are with me on this

All these phrases are said using different modalities or representational systems. The language we use can be misunderstood if you are making your point in a different modality from your clients. Clear communication is vital in business, especially in today’s volatile environment. Understanding your clients and their needs is vital for the success and future of your business.

Jacqui Taylor, the inspiration behind Outstanding Lives International, and expert in NLP and the Psychology of Business, Finance, Coaching and Peak Performance Training, offers you the key to Mastering Communication for your future success.

Jacqui is a master in the use of linguistics in business. She will give you clear ideas on how to adapt your language patterns to suit each of your clients and employees, and how to read non-verbal communication signs effectively, giving you the edge that you need in this economic climate.

Jacqui’s versatile career began in the world of finance, where she spent 18 years as a foreign exchange broker in the city. It was here that Jacqui developed an interest in psychology, and a curiosity as to the integration of mind, body and spirit connections. Building on this interest and linking it to her work in the City she continued her professional development; gaining qualifications and expertise in NLP, and the psychology of business and finance.

Her interests and expertise developed into the area of coaching and peak performance training, specialising in interventions which enable her clients to communicate more efficiently, to manage people and work relations more skilfully, and to develop a positive attitude and reach their true potential. She has been able to bring about paradigm shifts in her clients’ approach to business and finance, bringing about outstanding success to her clients in both their business and personal lives.

This seminar will introduce your Management and Staff to the tools and techniques that are vital to the success and future of your business. It offers specialist skills for enabling successful communication and successful outcomes in the fields of business, sales and marketing, leading to positive shifts in your business environment.

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